Equality Standard for Sport update

Following a comprehensive review, the Equality Standard for Sport has now been withdrawn. A new Moving to Inclusion Framework has been created to help sport and physical activity and movement organisations work towards embedding inclusivity in every part of their business and ways of working. View the Moving to inclusion website.

Political Opinion (NI only)


According to the Equality Commission political opinion means:

  • Nationalist, republican, loyalist or unionist
  • Northern Ireland constitutional politics
  • Any political opinion related to the conduct or government of the state, or matters of public policy
  • Any lawful political party that does not endorse violence.

Reference to political opinion includes a reference to not holding any political opinions.

Courts will ultimately be responsible for interpreting the meaning of political opinion.


Northern Ireland

Under the Fair Employment & Treatment (NI) Order 1998, it is unlawful for those who provide services to the public to discriminate against a person on grounds of their political opinion.

The Equality Commission advises under the law it is unlawful to discriminate on grounds of religious belief and political opinion in:

  • The provision of goods, facilities and services
  • Access to and use of any place which members of the public are permitted to enter
  • Accommodation in a hotel, boarding house or other similar establishment
  • Facilities by way of banking or insurance or for grants, loans or finance
  • Facilities for training
  • Facilities for entertainment, recreation or refreshment
  • Facilities for transport or travel
  • The services of any profession, trade or business open to the public.