Equality Standard for Sport update

Following a comprehensive review, the Equality Standard for Sport has now been withdrawn. A new Moving to Inclusion Framework has been created to help sport and physical activity and movement organisations work towards embedding inclusivity in every part of their business and ways of working. View the Moving to inclusion website.

Equality in Sport

Providing a wide range of equality-related material to assist all sporting organisations become more equitable and to provide a service to all sectors of the population.

The Sports Council Equality Group (SCEG) consists of the relevant officers from all the Sports Councils and aims to promote and develop equality in sport across all the equality strands. SCEG shares expertise, good practice and relevant experience, both amongst members of SCEG and with external partner agencies, as well as leading the strategic development and implementation of the Equality Standard for Sport and other key areas of work.

SCEG is currently undertaking a comprehensive review of the Equality Standard for Sport framework to ensure it is progressive and fit for purpose. Independent consultants have been commissioned to carry out this review with an updated framework expected in 2023. Please contact your home country sports council should you require further information.


New Guidance for transgender inclusion in domestic sport published by UK’s Sports Councils, September 2021

The UK’s Sports Councils have published new guidance for transgender inclusion in domestic sport. The Sports Councils’ Equality Group (SCEG), commissioned a review of its existing Guidance (2013/15) for the inclusion of transgender people in sport last year, recognising that sport at every level required more practical advice and support. Carbmill Consultancy were appointed to carry out this research on behalf of the Sports Councils, and they have produced the six documents that sit alongside the main guidance, the summary of background documents, and the frequently asked questions. The review investigated the views, knowledge, and experience of hundreds of people with a lived experience in sport, including transgender people, and also explored the background to current policies domestically and internationally and considered the latest scientific findings affecting the inclusion of transgender people in domestic sport. You can access the guidance alongside a number of other supporting documents on the resources page.